Service & Support

1. Extensive product lines

We offer wide range of leading-edge products from all over the world,
to satisfy customers' needs with extensive product lines.

2. Optimum suggestions

Through detailed counseling, we suggest the optimum products to meet each customer's needs and application.
Not only a stand-alone product, we offer several products to configure system for higher satisfaction.

3. OEM & Customize

If the customer cannot find the product that meets their requirements, we try to find a way to satisfy it, making the most of our experience and expertise in OEM and customization.

4. Demo room

In our demo room, customers can experience our spectroscopy measurement systems, including total flux measurement system, OP-FLUX. At this spacious darkroom, customers can also test their own samples with various measurement systems.

Examples of measurements

Ocean Photonics Total Flux Measurement system: OP-FLUX
GPM-SR-500: Light distribution measurement system

Ocean Optics Spectrometers, accessories, measurement system

Labsphere Integral spheresreflectance standards